I'm a film and digital photographer and have been photographing people in love for over 10 years. Through my lens I've been able to tell their stories and capture unforgettable moments.

I have a passion for authentic heartfelt images and my artistic style is natural, fluid, and timeless. My goal as a photographer is to tell your story, to capture the feeling of your day through all of the big—and little—moments. My job is to document the love you have for each other, your family, your people. These moments represent what matters. A photograph is the only tangible piece we are left with after the memory has passed. It's a way to relive them over and over again.

My special power as an artist and wedding photographer is being intuitive about the moments, and anticipating when they are about to happen, so that I can be there in an unobtrusive way to document. I know when to slow down and be invisible, but also when to put my bossy pants on and keep the train on the tracks. 



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