Photographs are some of my most prized possessions and I approach every shoot or project with the belief that you feel that way too. I specialize in photographing weddings & families, and I am always inspired by the beauty of the real moments and the feeling behind them.

I'm based in Southern Utah and I travel all over the world for both work and play so don't let distance keep us apart!





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Photos by Joey Dye, Ryan Flynn, Heather Nan, and myself.

Photos by Joey Dye, Ryan Flynn, Heather Nan, and myself.

I'm a film and digital photographer and have been photographing people in love for over 10 years. Through my lens I've been able to tell their stories and capture unforgettable moments.

I have a passion for authentic heartfelt images and my artistic style is natural, fluid, and timeless. My goal as a photographer is to tell your story, to capture the feeling of your day through all of the big—and little—moments. My job is to document the love you have for each other, your family, your people. These moments represent what matters. A photograph is the only tangible piece we are left with after the memory has passed. It's a way to relive them over and over again.

My special power as an artist and wedding photographer is being intuitive about the moments, and anticipating when they are about to happen, so that I can be there in an unobtrusive way to document. I know when to slow down and be invisible, but also when to put my bossy pants on and keep the train on the tracks.

When I’m not photographing weddings, I’m teaching the next generation of photographers at Dixie State University. Being a college professor has been a dream for a long time—teaching has always been a passion of mine. I love connecting with my roots of film photography, working in a darkroom, and returning to where it all started: black and white film.

I’m all about connection and I always want to know all about people and what makes them happy, what makes them love each other. I love finding new kindred spirits in the world, so please feel free to tell me all about you when we chat and meet!

My husband, Joey, is my kick ass second photographer, marketing guru, and the person who is always cheering me on and encouraging me to go for it. He’s the absolute best. We’ve been married for 7 years and together for 10. We’re raising twin girls—teenagers!—and one tiny dog and one sassy cat.

Together we love the outdoors, camping, traveling to new places, and returning to our favorite places. I’m a coffee addict and have seen every episode of Friends too many times to count. My happy place is a glass of wine and a beautiful view. Or just a glass of wine. Ha!



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I'd love to capture the moments you create, so you can keep them for a lifetime.