Education has always been something I have been passionate about. As a college student I devoted much of my time to teaching and tutoring young people, and was an advocate for integrating the arts in education. I worked in Washington, DC for the nonprofit organization Children’s Defense Fund and spent years advocating for children’s access to education and good schools. I taught art at the high school level before launching my photography career, and now 12 years later, I’m both a photographer and an educator! I’m a college professor at Dixie State University teaching students the magic of black and white film. (Side note: you can come take my class if you’re in St. George and want to learn to develop your own film!)

In my professional photography career, I absolutely love to share my knowledge and experience with other photographers. Teaching other photographers is one of my favorite aspects of my job. I’ve been in this business for 10 years, and while I don’t know everything, I have a lot to share and pass on.

I offer one-on-one mentorships in person or online to answer questions, offer portfolio reviews, editing lessons, business help, etc. I also offer shoot along sessions where I set up a styled shoot and you can observe how I work directly with a couple or approach a wedding day, and then I can assist you while you work your own magic.

I’m a person who likes to focus on the individual, so your mentor session is built around you and your specific needs and goals. We’ll have an introductory conversation to figure out where to start and go from there!

Ok whew, that’s a lot of information, right? Ha.

So here's the basic rundown:

Online Mentoring Session (online via Skype or FaceTime)


1 hour mentoring session online while we both sit at home with a cup of coffee and chat about your topics of choice. We can cover a lot of ground in 1 hour, but time flies when you’re having fun, so I recommend this option for those who want to dip their toes in and cover only a few topics.

In Person Mentoring Session


2 hour mentoring session in real life! I always love to meet up when possible so this is my favorite option. We’ll have some conversations before our session to decide what topics you want to cover, and this will also include research into your portfolio, website, business, etc. that I will do in advance. You can book additional hours with this option as well.

Shoot Along Photo Session (Styled Shoot)


This can be a wedding, engagement, or a family shoot.I’ll set up all the pretty details with my favorite vendors, find models, dress, all that good stuff. This is a great opportunity for some hands on learning and portfolio building. I recommend booking an in-person session in addition to the shoot. We can also cover editing and post-production during that time.

Portfolio Review


Lighting & Technique

Client Experience

Posing & Directing


Approaching a Wedding Day


Standing out in your market

Getting Published

Social Media

Film & Digital



Building Connections with Clients


I will be announcing a wedding photography workshop for Fall 2019 so stay tuned

for a big announcement! The workshop will take place in Southern Utah.